Do the work you want from anywhere in the world with a highly curated community of the best independent minds.

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The Work...

We pitch and win the right work that our community wants—from Fortune 500 companies to high tech internet startups. 


The Community...

We're a highly curated group of creatives, marketers, writers and company culture consultants. We currently cap our community at 25 members, so we can create teams with the world's very best talent. 

The Perks...

Not only access to well-paid work, but access to top-notch independents like yourself, workshops and resources to keep you moving forward.

"I quit my job because I knew corporate life wasn't for me. I wanted the flexibility to pursue passion projects and freelance along the way. Pursuit has given me that and a community of like minded people who continuously cheer me on as I begin this journey." -Liz F.


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What if you could work from anywhere in the world, on well-paying projects that act as a catalyst to create the life you want? What if you were supported by a community of content creators, designers and strategists who believe what you believe? What would life be like? 

We're here to tell you: You don't have to ask "what if." 



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"The Pursuit Community has been lifechanging. I learned so much within my first year working for companies that challenged me and with community members that supported me.  I now work full time as part of the Pursuit Core Team." - Jesse R.

"I feel like a master at my craft and knew that working as an independent would suite my desired lifestyle best. But, I want to do what I'm a good at, not start my own business. Pursuit gives me access to the right work and a built in team of people I trust and respect to work with." - Scott B.


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